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At the start of your project we will listen and learn about you; we’ll get to know your likes and dislikes, how you live and how you want your spaces to work for you. We will approach your project with an open mind, recognizing that good communication is an essential component to ensure that you will be elated with your interiors for years to come.

Both experience and knowledge in creating a variety of commercial design spaces of beauty and interest that both invite clientele and provide stimulating, functional work spaces for employees is the essence of En’terior Designs’ commercial design service. Focusing on not mere aesthetics of the commercial space, we pay close attention to space planning so that the layout we propose flows well and is highly functional for you and the type of services your business will be providing. As part of space planning, we consider the best types of furnishings for your commercial interior, and locate the pieces that are exactly right for your commercial interior design.




One-Day Room


One Day Room Conversion is a new form of interior design that reinvents rooms by giving them a current, progressive style all by utilizing what the homeowner already owns in creative, unpredictable ways. We believe that your treasures are a reflection of your personality and can be artfully redesigned to bring fresh life to old rooms. By interpreting your personality and individual style, En’terior Designs can prevent costly interior decorating mistakes while developing your uniquely personal living space.

Custom bedding and window coverings can turn an ordinary room into extraordinary. We have experience in satisfying the expectations of a wide variety of clients. Helping families turn their homes, time shares, and condos into custom living spaces that are a reflection of their tastes, budgets, and dreams. We’ve turned common office spaces into comfortable, and professional yet personal, environments for the staff and clients, and we work with hotels on projects that mandate only the highest standards of comfort and beauty for their guests.

Custom Bed
& Window
Seminars & Classes


Whether you’re an interior design enthusiast looking to enhance your natural talent or a professional of the field wanting to get up-to-date continue education training, En’terior Designs has something to offer. Workshops, seminars, and webinars will afford you opportunities to keep pace with the latest trends and learn everything from basic design and color theory to technological advancements in the design industry.

Gift cards can be tailored to your needs and available in pre-set amounts that you determine. Purchase a gift card inside and envelope that we’ll gladly mail to you or thespecial person in your life. The En’terior Designs Gift card can be used to purchase items from En’terior Design or other merchant that accepts debit or credit cards.

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