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About The Firm

 En’terior Designs is an award winning professional residential and commercial interior design firm that believes that each individual is greatly affected, inspired and changed by their environment. Our goal is to create environments that are sensitive to our clients’ unique and individual style. Our professional team of designers draws upon many disciplines to enhance the function, safety and aesthetics of the spaces we design. We know that beautiful spaces are the result of careful planning, patience, good investing and realistic expectations.







Thomasine Johnson is the CEO and owner of En’terior Designs. She has always had a gift for putting things together that work. Whether it is people, projects, programs etc., you name it she can put ittogether in a seamless manner. With this in mind she decided to combine her


1) God given talents of hospitality and encouragement,


2)Formal Education (Master’s Degree in Community Development and Undergraduate Degrees in Business Administration and Interior Design) and


3) Years of professional experience in corporate arenas to develop the unique services of En’terior Designs.


Thomasine has a passion for demonstrating how design principles can enhance the quality of life for everyone. She works with non-profit and for-profit organizations all over the world. She serves on several local and national boards and belongs to several professional organizations. She has been awarded several interior design awards across the nations and gives all the “Glory to God”.

Thomasine Johnson

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